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How do I style my dining table?

How do you make sure your dining table is beautifully decorated? You have found the perfect dining table and chairs in your home, and now how do you complete it?
First of all, it keeps it practical, because you shouldn’t think that as soon as you want to eat, you have to spend half an hour taking all the decorations off first. & that’s also how you keep yourself enjoying items the past.
How can you keep it practical?

In this, you have two options.

  • You can choose a large element on the table such as a vase, e.g. the vase bell, combined with a beautiful dried bouquet. This way you will have a beautiful statement in the interior which will ensure that you steal the show.
  • Or you can choose to place a group of home decorations together at the end of your table so that you can leave the home decorations in place. Unfortunately, this does not apply if you have a round table.

What do you pay attention to when decorating? If you choose to make a nice big statement. Then it’s nice to bring back the colors that connect to your dining table such as an adjoining kitchen and/or living room. It is then beautiful to bring back these colors in the bouquet and vase. Thus, the items ensure that spaces are also connected.

Want to put a group of home items together. Then be sure to play with different heights, materials and shapes. It is important that the height differences are neither too large nor too small between the two items. In addition, it is nice to play with different types of materials and shapes because you can create more depth, tension but also unity. Be sure to work with color tones already present in your interior in this as well for unity. Find it difficult to put together a combination. Then check out our shop the look. In it there are already put together packages and you only have to choose what you like best.

Still looking for something specific or want comprehensive advice. If so, this is also possible. You can get advice from us both offline and online on how to style your interior. In fact, we can also style it completely for you or advise you on certain products. Want more information about this? Then check out this link:

Or contact us at: or call/whatsapp to +316 31 33 94 65.

Enjoy shopping!

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