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Choice size dry bouquet

Online it is difficult to choose which bouquet fits in which vase. It is nice that the vase is well filled with the selected dried bouquet. The neck of the vase is largely decisive in picking the right bouquet. For this reason, below is an explanation of which bouquet fits best in which vase.

Advice size bouquet

It is important to measure the neck of your vase beforehand. Suppose your vase is 10 cm, then you can choose two sizes. Both size medium and size large. The larger the bouquet, the more the bouquet becomes a statement in the vase. If you want your bouquet to fall more airily in the vase choose just the smaller size. Below are the sizes of bouquets with accompanying advisory neck vases described.


Dry Bouquet Medium.
This bouquet fits perfectly if the neck of the vase is 8 to 10 cm.


Drying Bouquet Large.
This bouquet is recommended if the neck of the vase is 8 to 12 cm.


Drying Bouquet XL.
This bouquet is showpiece of a bouquet. If the neck of the vase is between 10 and 15 cm, you get a real statement!

“When dried flowers embrace the vase, together they become a statement in the interior”.

Important to know

Olive Styling offers three different sizes for drying bouquets online. These are the following sizes: Medium (M), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL). These drying bouquets are based on the size neck of the vases Olive Styling offers. On the website, under the heading of additional information, the vase describes the size of the neck.

Do you already have a beautiful vase at home? Then we recommend that you measure the inside of the neck of your vase so that you can pick the appropriate bouquet with this as well. The average length of the vase in which our bouquets fit are up to an approximately 40 cm.

“Did you know that you can also send your vase or bring it by so we can decorate it?”



Different sizes of drying bouquets.
Appropriate advice for every vase. The neck of the vase is decisive in this.


Recommended vase height.
The maximum height of the vase should be about 40 cm high.


Color choice.
Looking for different color bouquet than offered online? This is possible. Contact us.


Neck and length vase are larger or smaller than described.
Contact us. Then we will make an appropriate recommendation for you!